13.1 Running Blogs You Should Be Reading

Running Blogs Worth Following


The following are 13.1 running blogs that I think are worth following. The .1 is my blog of course which I can without bias say will be totally worth your time. The other 13 are a blend of fun, educational, inspirational and entertaining reads. Take a look at these running blogs and I am sure you will find at least one that you connect with, probably several.

Great blog from the app we all love

MapMyRun Blog

MapMyRun Blog This running blog is hosted by a favorite app of many runners that use it to do just what the name says, mapping their runs. You may enjoy this blog if you cycle as well as there is abundance of posts that cover cycling as well. The posts are very well written and packed full of great information. Scientific Proof That Running Lengthens Your Life is a great read to give the blog a try and makes you feel good about your running habit. .

A funny blg about running from Keyy Roberts

She Can & She Did

Kelly Roberts has an infectious passion for running and it comes through loud and clear in her blog. She created a national awareness when Popsugar featured her  collection of 20 selfies with hot guys that she took while running the 2014 New York Marathon. While she has matured, her posts are still a darn fun read.

Great blog from Amanda Brooks

Run to the Finish by Amanda Brooks

I love Amanda Brooks’ running blog. She is an authority of all things running. She shares everything from nutrition to training tips and even gift guides and product reviews. One of my favorite posts is 9 Types of Runners. It is a hilarious look in the mirror for anyone that is a runner.

A great blog from Tina Muir

Running for Real with Tina Muir

Tina Muir prides herself on writing about the good, bad and ugly of running. She publishes both blog posts and podcasts that are interesting, informative and authentic. One of my favorite features on her blog is the delicious and healthy recipes that she shares. Check out the recipe for butternut squash fries.

Laura Fountain's blog about running

Lazy Girl Running

Laura Fountain’s running blog comes from across the Atlantic. She has run races of all distances from short to ultras. Being an Arizona runner I had to chuckle when this Brit shared her post Running Through a Heat Wave but the advice was accurate regardless if you use Fahrenheit or Celsius. .

Great blog by Jill a health and fitness blogger

Run Eat Snap

This blog covers not only running but health as well. Jill is a registered dietician and her blog is packed with fun posts following her running journey as well as great advice and information on improving your diet. I hate to ackwnowledge it, but you can’t out run a bad diet. Best post? It Is OK to Eat Pizza.

blog dealing with running and struggle of bulimia

Run Far Girl

This running blog is an intimate look at the life of a runner. But it also is a candid and stark look at Sarah’s struggles with bulimia and a baby with congenital heart issues. She shares some great training tips that you won’t find everywhere such as how to train for snowshoe running. While not something I need to know here in sunny Arizona, it is still a fun and fascinating read

Ethan Newberry's blog about endurance running

The Ginger Runner

Ethan Newberry’s mission in life is to inspire people to believe that endurance running is not for the few but anybody can do it. In addition to his blog he also has a very active youtube channel. He takes you on runs, introduces you to other runners and does a ton of reviews. It is a fun and entertaining follow.

A hilarious running blog

Up and Humming

This is a hilarious running blog that is a fun read. She writes about running and tosses in random quips about life. You are as apt to read about her latest run or race as you are to get her musings on punctuation. And often, she will tie them together. Want to get a good sample of her humor? Give Getting to the Bottom of Things, Literally a go.

A medical look at running

Dr. Nick’s Running Blog

Dr. Nicholas Campbell is a pediatrist that specializes foot and ankle surgeries. He also has a passion for helping runners. This running blog deals with how to stay healthy and on the road. He offers expert injury prevention and recovery advice as well as training tips and gear reviews.

A fun running blog from a Michigander

Runnin’ for Sweets

The author, Maggie, has an equal passion for running and ice cream and both are quite evident. She offers a ton of motivation along with her running tips, gar reviews and a variety of workouts. She has a very holistic approach to running, body and spirit. Give The Biggest Obstacle Keeping You from Fitness Success a go and you will be hooked.

running and lifting blog

Running Brina

Brina is a certified coach with a passion for inspiring others through running and fitness. She offers expert advice and tips through her own personal experiences. There are great posts on staying motivated as well as nutrition. One of the neat features of her blog is she shares strategies and insights about various races including the NYC Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Peach Tree Road Race and many others.

Michele takes you on her personal running journey

Running with Attitude

Blogger Michele takes you on her personally journey through the lens of a runner. Her philosophy is the one thing you can control in your life is your attitude. She takes you along for her training and racing and shares a great perspective. After a few posts you feel as if she is one of your BFFs.

eric rutin hangs with cool company

Running with Rage

Of course, I think you should read my blog. I promise to do everything I can to make it fun, interesting and worth you time.