About Me

eric rutin hangs with cool company

Hello. I am Eric Rutin.

Thank you for visiting my blog, Running With Rage. I am your typical middle-aged guy that doesn’t have much of a life. I have my wife and kids, three friends and I run. I also love pizza.

I have run 8 marathons to date, a bunch of half marathons and countless 10Ks and 5Ks. This blog is to share some of running stories, training strategies, as well as my genera musings about running.

Now the quick back story behind the name Running with Rage. A few years ago I worked at a company that was going through being acquired by another company. My running group consisted of several coworkers and our runs were our opportunity to bitch about what was going down at the office. By the end of a tough ten miler we would all be feeling better and ready to tackle a new week. Eventually the venting sessions expanded beyond just work and Runnin with Rage was born!