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13.1 Running Blogs You Should Be Reading

Running Blogs Worth Following


The following are 13.1 running blogs that I think are worth following. The .1 is my blog of course which I can without bias say will be totally worth your time. The other 13 are a blend of fun, educational, inspirational and entertaining reads. Take a look at these running blogs and I am sure you will find at least one that you connect with, probably several. Read more

tips to get running again after a layoff

5 Surefire Strategies to Get Back into Running

How to get back into running after a layoff

I have run 8 marathons, and countless races of shorter distances. My marathon PR is 3:45.52, while certainly not Kenyan, I can hold my head high when hanging out with most serious weekend warriors. But I turned 50 and decided to get my MBA, neither of which has been a positive influence on my running. As a result, my runs have become more infrequent and much slower. And, along with the combination of studying and slothfulness, has come the inevitable extra pounds. Read more